5 or 6  Pork Chops (Boneless or Bone In)
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Large Yellow or Vidalia Onion
1 Bunch Green Onions
Minced Cloves of Garlic
2 Tbs Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to Taste
1 Tbs  Italian Seasoning
Season Salt to Taste
2 to 3 Cups of Water
1 to 2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes

Put the oil into a cast iron, or similar, 12” skillet over med/high heat. While the oil is heating(don’t burn it) season the chops on both sides with the salt, pepper, and season salt. Put the bouillon cubes into the water to begin dissolving. Place the chops in the skillet let them stick to the skillet while browning. If the skillet begins to smoke add a little water to calm it down.

Once the chops have a good caramel color to them remove them from the skillet. Pour in a hefty amount of water to deglaze the skillet and add the vegetables and Italian seasoning. Let the veggies boil in the water until soft then turn the heat down to low and add the chops back into the mixture. Make sure there is enough bouillon/water mixture to cover the chops. Cook the mixture down on low for about 1 to 1½ hours or until the chops are about to fall apart. You can thicken the mixture by adding a little cornstarch to a ¼ cup of water and mix in carefully. Serve the chops on top or next to white rice with a generous helping of the gravy.