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Bonless Pics Bonless Pic Combos
Blade Meat 90% Trim
Cushion Meat Cushion Meat Combo
42% Trim 42% Trim Combo
72% Trim 72% Trim Combo
Hearts Stomachs
Snouts Ham Skins
Scalded Tongues Trim Spec 1 Hams 23/27 FOB
Bellies #12/14 CMB Bellies #14/16 CMB
Bnls Ham SO 1/8" Trim CMB Cheek Meat
Pork Neck Bones Frsh Pork Feet Frsh/Frzn
Pork Tails Frsh/Frzn Bnls Ham Outside Rollout
Bnls Ham Inside "Top Round" Pork Butts 1/4" B/I Combo
Pork Butts B/I 1-pc Pork Butts B/I 2-pc
Pork Butts Bnls Combo Pork Butts Bnls 2-pc
Pork Loines B/I 1/8" #18-22 Pork Loines Boneless CC S/O
Pork Loines B/I CC B/I Pork Shank
Pork Tender Loines

Smoked Meats

Smkd Shoulder Hocks Smkd Pork Neck Bones
Smkd Pork Jowels Smkd Turkey "Tom" Drums
Smkd Turkey "Hen" Drums Smkd Turkey Wings
Smkd Turkey Necks Smkd Turkey Tails
Smkd Pork Tails Smkd Ham Hocks
Smkd Sknls Ham Shanks Smkd Pork Knuckles
Sow Pork Bellies Smoked Feet
Smoked Skins 2 pc Salt Meat - Slab